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The 50 Bands Rocking Seattle Music Right Now

The 50 Bands Rocking Seattle Music Right Now
By: Brangien Davis & Jake Uitti

Industrial Revelation Seattle Magazine Photo
Industrial Revelation (Evan Flory-Barnes, Ahamefule Oluo, Josh Rawlings, D’Vonne Lewis) photographed at the Royal Room, July 10, 2014

Gateway Band: Medeski Martin & Wood

With D’Vonne Lewis on drums, Evan Flory-Barnes on bass, Josh Rawlings on keys, and Ahamefule J. Oluo on trumpet, Industrial Revelation is a supergroup that defies convention. They’re jazz, they’re postjazz, they’re neo-soul, they’re rock ’n’ roll, but most importantly, they are masters of their craft. Lewis descends from multiple generations of serious musicians; Oluo has played with Hey Marseilles; Flory-Barnes, who has composed symphonies, can play his double bass on anything from hip-hop to brunch chatter; and Rawlings has toured with Allen Stone and Macklemore. Their live shows are sweat-inducing jams with big horn crescendos, rapid bass solos, lightning strikes of keys and rolling-thunder drums. See them cast their magic spell on September 27 at the Blue Moon Tavern. industrialrevelation.com

How would you describe your sound? “Black and white keys melodically tickle the spirit while your soul is immersed in the baptizing roar of the trumpet. Bass strings slap against the wood grain as if to unapologetically beg for your submission, as the drums thunderously dance during your revelation of a love found.” —D’Vonne Lewis

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How Industrial Revelation Got Me into Jazz—a Year Early


How Industrial Revelation Got Me into Jazz—a Year Early
Written by Emily Nokes, The Stranger

“Someone once told me that the year I turn 30 would be the year that I start buying jazz records. I was skeptical of this statement because (a) What? and (b) I am currently 29 and have been, for the most part, unintentionally distanced from jazz. Fast-forward to a few months ago.

The Royal Room was sold out, and even though we had tickets, it was standing-room-only. Barstools, tables, higher tables, benches—every single seat was taken by a party mix of people. Young hip-seeming kids, (very) old people dressed to the nines, exuberant funky-glasses-wearing adults, a person in a beret looking like the sort of person who wears a beret—they were all there! And they were all there to see the self-described garage-jazz quartet Industrial Revelation.

It was hard to know where to focus once IR were on the stage. The band—Evan Flory-Barnes on upright bass, Josh Rawlings on keyboard, D’Vonne Lewis on drums, and Ahamefule J. Oluo on trumpet—was spilling talent all over the place. The kind of talent that’s hard to describe without a cop-out string of positive adjectives (amazing!)—but it wasn’t just their individual chops that had the audience hooting, whistling, seat-dancing, or otherwise completely smitten. Each song was like a conversation with a group of really smart and funny people—everyone takes turns telling brilliant stories, but no one is talking over the others or blabbing too long because everyone is fully engaged. Sure, Rawlings can masterfully play two keyboards at once before jumping onto his stool and smashing out a piano solo, and Oluo plays trumpet like the charismatic lead singer of a rock band, but even the slower and more classic-jazz-sounding songs had a fresh energy I really wasn’t expecting. Later, I bought a few albums’ worth of their MP3s. It’s not exactly a record, but then again, I’m not 30 yet, either.”

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Some of That Jazz (What I’m Most Looking Forward to This Season)


Some of That Jazz (What I’m Most Looking Forward to This Season)
Written by Charles Mudede, The Stranger

The following is an excerpt of the article:

“It can be argued without much effort that the coolest band in Seattle is Industrial Revelation, a quartet that has a jazz foundation but is not musically confined by jazz. But why may IR be the coolest band in town? For one, Evan Flory-Barnes is the band’s bassist; for two, Ahamefule J. Oluo is its trumpeter; for three, Josh Rawlings is its keyboardist; and for four, D’Vonne Lewis is its drummer. Those are the four solid reasons, but here is the big question: Why doesn’t Seattle know that IR is probably its best and most promising band? Is it something like Edgar Allan Poe’s “purloined letter”? Something that is so obvious that it is entirely missed? Hopefully, the time of the Industrial Revelation will happen sooner than later.”

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